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Date Added:10 February, 2013

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eCrisper turns a Mac into a secure public access kiosk. It is ideal for Internet kiosks, Internet cafes, libraries, museums, and information terminals. Why you'll love eCrisper... Simple and reliable - eCrisper was implemented specifically for Mac using Apple's very latest software technologies and with an obsessive attention to details. It is fast, reliable, and easy to use. Elegant and customizable - eCrisper combines Mac's user interface with web technology to offer the ultimate in design flexibility. Using rich web content is a great way to give your project a distinctive look. Multilingual interface - It is easy to add new languages or modify existing ones. It supports Unicode so you can include Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, etc... Flexible access control - You can offer free access or request users to login with a user account. Setting up your own MySQL user database is easy and inexpensive with most web hosting services. Why Mac is perfect for kiosks... World's most advanced operating system - The rock-solid UNIX foundation of Mac OS X provides unparalleled stability and performance. This is key to successful kiosks. Gorgeous all-in-one computer - The iMac puts everything you need inside one simple enclosure. This makes life much easier when implementing kiosks. Everything works together perfectly - Since Apple makes both the computer and the operating system, everything works together perfectly. Advanced web browser engine - Web browsing is powered by WebKit, the world's most advanced browser engine, the same engine used by Safari and Google Chrome. Use Mac's Parental Controls or NetNanny to filter content.
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6

Systems: Mac OS X

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